Development Updates

Not Gay-Lussac's Law

Crushing a can by heating it, sealing it and cooling it rapidly is an excellent demonstration of the existance of atmospheric pressure. Many youtube videos describe the crushed can as an illustration of either Charles' Law or Gay-Lussac's Law. I don't agree.

Javascript code to convert light wavelength to color

In the electromagnetic spectrum illustration and light color, frequency and wavelength post, I needed to calculate color from wavelength value. I tried a few different approaches but finally settled on a modified version of some widely cited FORTRAN code for determining RGB values.

Light Color, Frequency and Wavelength Illustration

Beginning work on an illustration covering the relationship between the frequency

Draw an oval in html5 canvas

The JavaScript canvas element does not have a native method for drawing ovals (ellipses).

Tides draft V2

Tides draft V1

UPDATE: Final illustration posted - Lunar and Solar Tides

Drawing regular polygons in javascript canvas

Geometric shapes such as regular polygons are useful building blocks for drawing more complex elements within JavaScript canvas tags. The following block shows 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 sided regular polygons.